International Energy Outlook ’09

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) of the U.S. Department of Energy just issued its much-awaited International Energy Outlook (IEO) 2009. To my knowledge, this marks this first time the U.S. Federal government has acknowledged the possibility of rapidly increasing hydrocarbon prices in the near future:


One Response to “International Energy Outlook ’09”

  1. Beth! says:

    Was this graph from the before or after application of ARRA2009 stimulus changes to the outlook scenarios? I can’t find where it is mentioned (but also didn’t look sooo hard).

    regardless, the fact that the ‘reference’ scenario projects higher oil prices above $100/barrel is a welcome wake-up call. Even still, folks like James Hansen and George Monbiot say that it doesn’t matter, because we need to be leaving ALL of the remaining hydrocarbons in the ground to prevent beyond-which-we-have-no-experience global warming. Would that a government would have the balls to tax the crap out of oil so that no one would want to use it…

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