The Dawn of Sustainability

“If the seasons of husbandry be not interfered with, the grain will be more than can be eaten. If close nets are not allowed to enter the pools and ponds, the fishes and turtles will be more than can be consumed. If the axes and bills enter the hills and forests only at the proper time, the wood will be more than can be used. When the grain and fish and turtles are more than can be eaten, and there is more wood than can be used, this enables the people to nourish their living and mourn for their dead, without any feeling against any. This condition, in which the people nourish their living and bury their dead without any feeling against any, is the beginning of the Kingly way.” – Mencius, ~300 BCE.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    This reminds me of a word in Alutiiq:

    “súgucihpet”: Subsistence Living, is what it ‘means’, but when one takes apart the word, the parts mean “Our way”.

    “Yet súgucihpet, “our way of living” means much more than calories and taste. Sharing subsistence harvests with relatives, Elders, and those in need weaves the fabric of community life. Families work together to gather and prepare the bounty, and each generation learns by doing. Respect for the land and for all living things is an important cultural value. ”

    From “Our Way of Living: Looking both Ways” –

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