Entropy: Gk. {tau}{rho}{omicron}{pi}{ghacu} – evolution / transformation / turning

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  1. Cheryl E. Fitzgerald says:

    Hmm…I like that.
    I’d like to see what thoughts about this might develop. Especially now that my own neurons are going to be firing about it now and again, as the idea lingers in my mind…

    (And it tickles to ponder whether and how the firings of neurons can be *about* anything at all, that they, in a sense, carry *aboutness* in them. It seems they must, and yet, at the same time, the idea sounds crazy. Oh, but perhaps I should mention, to avoid being unclear, that “aboutness” is a technical term in philosophy, mostly in the phil of mind and phil of language, and particularly where those two branches meet. So when philosophers versed in those areas talk about something being *about* something else, they mean something specific. Of course, at the same time, I think if one were to research to find out what this notion of “aboutness” is and means, one might come to the conclusion that it’s vague. Haha, a specific term in philosophy that turns out to be vague?! Oh, now, that never happens! 😉 But, that said, I think the term itself, insofar as what it is intended to mean and express, is clear enough. Where the murkiness comes in is *how*; in other words, one has to come up with a *theory* of aboutness. It’s sort of like asking what justice is: we all have this concept we use, we have sort of an idea of what justice is, but in another sense, to actually come up with *what it IS*, requires a theory of justice.
    Hmm…and I just realized my mind is wandering way off track into random tangents…)

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