Winner: Vampire squid comma The

This fellow should be doing just fine with the expansion of our Oxygen Minimum Zones (OMZ’s).

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  1. Cheryl E. Fitzgerald says:

    The Vampire squid is pretty awesome. (But, I have a fascination for ocean creatures, and octopuses have always been a favorite.) He’s also very beautiful, I think:

    And, Giant Pacific Octopus kills Dogfish Shark:

    And just to appreciate their amazing ability for rapidly changing their appearance:

    I have been *deeply* fascinated by the oceans since I was very young, both because I loved swimming out into the ocean and often wanted to just keep swimming–perhaps even so young I just wanted to escape from the world of people–and because I was so taken aback by the fact that, in a sense, the ocean is like a whole other (alien) world on our planet, filled with the strangest creatures adapted to such a different world than we are used to. I often wished I could live there, in the depths of that world, instead of here. In a way, the ocean has become something rather symbolic for me–I have always metaphorically compared my mind/self with an ocean.

  2. Jelte says:

    Well, if you haven’t seen ‘Le Grand Blue’ (Eng: ‘The Big Blue’: info at you should do so at your earliest convenience!

    The view of the human psyche as an/the Ocean is a tempting one. For those of us that subscribe to something like an unconscious, islands naturally come to take the place of consciousness. C.G. Jung visualized schizophrenia as two neighbouring islands, bridged in the cool blue beneath the waves.

    PS. You ever marvel at Ocean receiving a capitol Oh?

  3. Cheryl E. Fitzgerald says:

    I have not seen Le Grand Bleu, but I would seriously consider any recommendation you offered, so I shall have to add that one to my list of films I need to, eventually, see. Perhaps I could invite someone to enjoy it with me–I much rather prefer sharing films with another.

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