Bill McKibben (2019)

There exists a school of thought, out there, that takes the view that everything is basically going great on our 21st Century planet Earth. I’m thinking of the likes of Ray Kurzweill (The Age of Spiritual Machines; The Singularity is Near), Steven Pinker, Rutger Bregman, and a slew of economists of the mainstream bent. Their works are awash in reassuringly upward curving graphs covering everything from average global income through to the processing speeds of a square inch of microprocessor.  (David Hume: farmer shows up every sunrise with chicken food, but one day, he shows up with an axe.  Past performance is no guarantee for future performance).  To all this inductive hogwash Bill McKibben provides a badly needed reality check.  We should consider seriously the possibility that many of our short-term (geologically speaking) gains have been made at the cost of the future.

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  1. Joanne Kooijman (Harnmeijer) says:

    Am reading this now. Gripping page turner. Thank you for the tip.

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