Currently Known Global Distribution of Hydrothermal Vent Fields

Van Dover, C.L. (2011), ‘Tighten regulations on deep-sea mining’, Nature, 470, p. 33.

3 Responses to “Currently Known Global Distribution of Hydrothermal Vent Fields”

  1. Rob Norton says:

    Are you suggesting that one shouldn’t be mining around hydrothermal vents?

  2. Beth! says:

    1) “global distribution” – I think it should be ‘currently known global distribution’, considering that new vent systems are being found at a remarkable rate these days.

    2) I definitely agree with Van Dover’s sentiments about the need for tighter regulations and advance understanding of what is being proposed. we know next-to-nothing about the resilience of the deep sea communities dependent on these vent systems.

    3) The US needs to sign the Law of the Sea to have any influence on the decision making process for mineral mining! The International Seabed Authority is moving forward with developing mining code guidelines:

    4) world oceans day – June 8

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