Goodbye, America

Goodbye, America.

Goodbye Bonnie, storms of memories, blissful joy to starboard, tumultuous eddies to port.

Goodbye Cheryl, keeper of the Dark Tower.  Find your light there!

Goodbye Tarek, now a father, yet always a boy, I hope.

Goodbye Princess Camilla, too sweet to spoil.

Goodbye Julie, Mother in more than jest.

Goodbye Daniel, dependable friend.

Goodbye Ruby, beacon of strength.

Goodbye Melanie, until Brasil.

Goodbye untouchable Farah.

Goodbye Josh, elder brother.

Goodbye Nicolas, kindler of dreams and aspirations – may nothing vanquish your hopes.

Goodbye dear Cindy, who uses time more wisely than most.

Goodbye Ken W., who understands (my shame).

Goodbye Vladi, resolute professor-warrior.

Goodbye Lazer, who looks like Krishna.

Goodbye Roger.  Thank you.

Goodbye Elizabeth, never forever.  (Sorry I crashed your car, in The Jungle).


Goodbye land of Right and Wrong.

Goodbye land of contradiction.

Goodbye nine-eleven.  Goodbye Endure Freedom.

Goodbye to your tainted windows, looking out.


Goodbye Canyonlands.  Just the memory of you makes me cry.

Goodbye Mount Olympus, and your forested flanks.  I once underestimated you – forgive me.

Goodbye Liberty Ridge, taker of lives, but not mine.

Goodbye Olympic Coast.

Goodbye Steens Mountain, and your white salt flats.

Goodbye hotsprings of New Mexico, Nevada, Idaho, and more.

Goodbye Burning Man o-eight and o-nine.  Goodbye Oregon Country Fair.


Goodbye Seattle.

Goodbye Le Pichet Cafe.

Goodbye Bauhaus and Solstice, me and Schopenhauer will miss you.  At times.

Goodbye arboretum, disciplinarian.

Goodbye Johnson Hall.  (I hate you.)


Goodbye Northern California.

Goodbye Trinity River and the Alps from whence you flow.  Goodbye Weitchpek Canyon section.  Goodbye Big Hill, disciplinarian.

Goodbye Marble Mountain.  Goodbye Ironside Lookout.  Goodbye Redwoods & Rivers.


Goodbye San Juan Islands.

Goodbye Watmouth Bight.  Goodbye Iceberg Point.  Goodbye Waldron dock.


Goodbye 2002, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.


8 Responses to “Goodbye, America”

  1. JwWeHa says:

    And welcome to the land of LaFayette, who helped write the US constitution…………..

  2. Rob says:

    Are you never coming back?

  3. Joanne says:

    Jelte, we discussed the concept of ‘weemoed’ oozing from your writing above (at least in my perception). You asked for the English translation. Can’t find the words. Think it comes from German : Weh (pain) and Gemut (same as in Dutch: gemoed – the ensemble of ‘how one feels’, as in gemoedstoestand; not to be confused with moed as in courage.) So there is a sense of pain and regret as one is leaving something precious behind and knows that the experience is not retrievable: you may return, of course, but will not have the same experience.
    Life is …

  4. Dad says:

    Everytime we would move to another country your grandfather (my father) would say….”partir, c’est mourir un peu “…

  5. Benno says:

    Goodbye Jelta…. may the tracks and trails of your life unfold in beautiful ways… Hope our paths cross again,

  6. Mom (alternate) says:

    Goodbye, my dear, but not forever. You left so much here! Friendship and comradeship, house siding, spelt flour, advice and retorts, and, dare I mention it in a public forum, patterned underwear. I hope for more of most of the above.

    1. Jelte says:

      Ah, that’s were my patented underwear went! Now I’ll definitely need to come back …

  7. Smellanie says:

    Nah, see you later. Braseeeeeeel or anywhere else. You’re still feeding me with all those dry goods btw. And every time I pass that snaggle tree on the 101, I think of you indeed…

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