Why Are Some Countries Rich and Others Poor?

Lecture & discussion on Waldron Island, 10 July MMX.

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  1. Now all we need are some notes to go along with it, i.e., basically the main content of your talk. I know that if I sat down and tried to recreate all the information you discussed just from looking at all of the slides, I am sure I would have difficulty interpreting some of the tables/graphs. (This is true to a greater degree for the declimatization talk.) Even if it’s just a quick explanation of the tables/graphs, or why they are relevant to the issue if that’s not obvious. And of course, the story of the hummingbird at the end. 😉

    Or, perhaps an audio recording of you giving the talk? That would be more *fun* of course, because you’re a good lecturer and fun to listen to.

  2. Rob Norton says:

    Interesting data you have collected into one presentation.

    Some of it I am familiar with. Some of it, I am unsure what to make of. The rest is rather revealing about a need versus want dilemma (particularly in the U.S.A.).

    Cheryl had mentioned to me your line of inquiry regarding this topic in a conversation a while back. I find your pursuit of answers to this question to be rather interesting.

  3. Jelte says:

    Thanks, Rob. What do you find so interesting about my line of questioning?

  4. Rob Norton says:

    How there could be so many different answers and how those answers are related to one another.

  5. Jelte says:

    Yes. Single-stranded linear causation carries useful explanatory power … in laboratories!

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