The Cove

A film about Ric O’Barry’s quest to document dolphin killing in Taiji, Wakayama, Japan.

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  1. Jelte says:

    E-mail response from one Japanese friend:

    “I wrote about this movie on my blog and had a little comments from my friends too. Seems like they aren’t as impressed I am from this film.. They said that it is wrong just to criticize about killing dolphines when they are slaughtering cows and pigs and chickens everyday. Also Japanese media doesn’t like this movie either it seems.. especially because they didn’t have permission to take the film, and say that they are sneaky.. I don’t know.. but I think they would have never showed what was going on in the cove by themselves anyhow.. and I think people should know about this, so.. I think Japanese people think that they were attacked. I can’t deny that they didn’t try to understand what we have as our back ground and I kinda felt like they igonored japanese culture and didn’t have respect for the local people too tho.. but still I am totally against killing any animals so yea.. this is somthing to think about for sure..”

  2. Beth! says:

    @ email response from Japanese friend – (I would start by a disclaimer that I have not seen the film, since I think it would be too emotionally challenging for me.)

    there is a nice interview by Andy Revkin of the Dot Earth blog with the director of the film here:

    in the interview, the director clearly outlines that he didn’t make the movie to attack Japanese people, but rather to help them gain information (especially about health risks) so that they can make informed choices.

    As to your friends’ comments that killing dolphins might not be wrong since humans also kill cows, pigs, and chickens – I don’t think it is smart to compare the two, since cows/pigs/chickens are FARMED/RAISED, whereas dolphins are wild.

  3. Jelte says:

    From the same friend:
    1. I knew that Japanese people hunt whales, but I used to think its unreal, and thought that nobody does that anymore.. so whaling was kind of like.. myth.. and really old tradition that has almost banned. and I had no idea that they are killing dolphines too. When I hear about whaling, i thought its “big” whales.

    2. The film made me feel.. weird.. that im totally against killing whales, or dolphines and i was kinda glad that they uncovered what was going on in Taiji, but at the same time, i felt a little bit..hmmn.. ashamed(humiliated?) or offended as a japanese. because they totally made Japanese ppl like they are EVIL. even though they say that its a “love letter” to Japanese people, we still feel like they made us feel like we are barbarians which kill innocent animals.

    3. I am not sure about the entire japanese culture and stuff.. but i am sure people in Taiji were offended. And they were filmed like they are so evil and bad people. I mean.. Obviously, they didn’t interviewed the fishiermen officially and they didn’t really listened to their opinion. I think they kinda stired up or upset them and made them look like heels. and i think it is not fair.

  4. Jelte says:

    Update [05 Jun 2010] from a Japanese friend:
    I was reading a newspaper yesterday and found a little article about the movie “the cove”.
    It said that one of two theatres that decided to show the movie, have decided NOT to show it, because of this conservatice group had warned them that they are going to wage a “protest movement” if they are gonna show it in the theatre.
    Head of the theatre told the press that they have decided that it is better not to keep it going as they consider about the neighbors. they talked to the police and decided that it would be too late to stop when customers got hurt because of protest.
    And this conservative group is categorized as a “new conservative” or “grassroots right wing”.. so they are pretty intense actually..
    This article said that when they had a protest before, they were telling people that the movie and its distributing agency are “the terrorists that destroys japanese spirits” and “We won’t let it be screened!” Right wing people are always intense in my opinion and it is terrifying..

    So yea, I thought you’d be interested to hear what is happening over the movie now. Well, most of japanese people aren’t that interested in the movie and its topic anymore though.. They moved on with new topics.. like the U.S. military camp in Okinawa and our new prime minister and stuff..

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