Table of Contents


[1. ]  Of scientific knowledge
[2. ] The element of truth is the Concept, and its true form the scientific system
[3. ] Present position of the spirit
[4. ] The principle is not the completion; against formalism
[5. ] The absolute is subject-
[6. ] -and what this is
[7. ] The element of knowledge
[8. ] The ascent into this is the Phenomology of the Spirit
[9. ] The transmutation of the notion and the familiar into thought-
[10.] -and this into the Concept
[11.] In what way the Phenomology of the Spirit is negative or contains what is false
[12.] Historical and mathematical truth
[13.] The nature of philosophical truth and its method
[14.] Against schematizing formalism
[15.] The demands of the study of philosophy
[16.] Argumentative thinking in its negative attitude-
[17.] -in its positive attitude; its subject
[18.] Natural philosophizing as health common sense and as genius
[19.] Conclusion: the author’s relation to the public


(A)     Consciousness
I.      Sense certainty, the this, and opinion.
II.     Perception, the thing, and deception.
III.    Force and understanding, appearance, and supra-sensible world.

(B)     Self-Consciousness
IV.     The truth of self-certainty.
A.      Independence and dependence of self-consciousness; mastership and servitude
B.      Freedom of self-consciousness; stoicism; skepticism; and the unhappy consciousness

(C)(AA) Reason
V.      Certainty and truth of reason.

(BB) Spirit
VI.     Spirit.
B.      Spirit alienated from itself. Self-formation.
C.      Spirit certain of itself. Morality.

(CC) Religion
VII.    Religion.
C.      Revealed religion

(DD) Absolute knowledge
VIII.   Absolute knowledge.

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