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Monadologie / Monadology

(1714) Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz


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Discours de Métaphysique

(1686) Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz


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Meditationes de Prima Philosophia / Meditations on First Philosophy

(1641) René Descartes


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Discours de la Methode … / Discourse on Method …

(1637) René Descartes

Content. The classic case for rationalism.

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Hegel: A Reinterpretation

(1966) Walter Kaufmann

An erudite balance of biography and philosophy.

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The Principles of Psychology

(1890) William James

I really wonder how much Philosophy of Mind (which is what, as far as I can tell, this mostly is) has subsequently progressed. Particularly notable is James’ attack on Associationism – the notion that ideas are compounded out of elemental constituents. Reductionism has not just been vehemently applied to the question of the relationship between the Mental and Physical realms – but also within the realm of the Mental itself. Associationism is, par excellence, an application of the reductionist thinking that seems to tempt many a human mind wherever it turns its attention.

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The Use and Abuse of History

Friedrich Nietzsche

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Language and Thought

Noam Chomsky

A brutally short overview of Chomsky’s take on the linguistic (~computational) template of thought.

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The Analysis of Mind

Bertrand Russell

A courageous attack on the Subject-Object distinction.

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Gödel’s Proof

Ernest Nagel & James Newman

Wow. ‘Now who would have thought of that?’

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