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Reflections on War and Death

(1915) Sigmund Freud

Freud turns his cool gaze on man’s grapple with the inevitable.

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Sex at Dawn

(2010) Christopher Ryan & Cacilda Jethá


So this is a rather ballsy work.  In varying depth, Ryan & Jethá aggressively attack several scientific consensuses, all orbiting within the broad ambit of human sexuality.  A light-hearted writing style makes this a highly accessible work.  Below, I focus on some of the key assertions and arguments of interest.

Primary amongst the traditional views attacked, and the books main target, is the idea that humans evolved from a monogamist prehistory – a period the authors peg as the 200,000 years immediately prior to agriculture and writing. (It is interesting to note how this disparate pair of technologies is often conjoined by use of this sense of the term).  In strong contrast to todays western nuclear family, the authors posit that “the ‘natural’ family structure of our species” is one that enjoys “easy acceptance between adults and unrelated children, the diffuse nurturing found […] where children refer to all men as father and all women as mother, […] small and isolated enough to safely assume the kindness of strangers, where overlapping sexual relationships leave genetic paternity unknowable and of little consequence …”.  The modern pair-bond is painted as a distortion brought about by recent transition to sedentary agriculture. » Continue reading “Sex at Dawn”

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The Language and Thought of the Child

Jean Piaget

Classic study into the development of language, thought and logic in the Child.

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Sexual Behavior in the Human Male

Alfred Kinsey (1953)

The classic study.

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Sexual Behavior in the Human Female

Alfred Kinsey (1953)

The classic study.

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The Sacred Prostitute

Nancy Qualls-Corbett

Above all, a warning of the consequences of over-masculinization of society today.

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On Aggression

Konrad Lorenz (1966)

Searching for the roots of human aggression in other animals.

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Civilization and Its Discontents

Sigmund Schlomo Freud

An amusing psychoanalytical approach to civiliization.

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The Territorial Imperative

Robert Ardrey

A classic, original and fairly radical thesis on the important link forged between individuals and the territory they inhabit.

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Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers

Robert Sapolsky
Important ideas, poorly communicated.

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