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Hegel’s Quest

“Not curiosity, not vanity, not the consideration of expediency, not duty and conscientiousness, but an unquenchable, unhappy thirst that brooks no compromise leads us to truth.

Nürnberg, Sep. 30, 1809

Written to remember
Hegel, Prof. & Principal.”

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§6 Der Geist / The Spirit

GWH: Die Vernunft ist Geist, indem die Gewißheit, alle Realität zu sein, zur Wahrheit erhoben und sie sich ihrer selbst als ihrer Welt und der Welt als ihrer selbst bewußt ist.

HTG: Reason is spirit, since the certainty of being all reality has been raised to truth, and it is self-consciously aware of itself as its own world, and the world as itself.

:: Can something be [self-consciously aware] of something else? Is it not (i) self-conscious, or (ii) conscious of itself, rather than self-conscious of itself? » Continue reading “§6 Der Geist / The Spirit”

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