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Uncovered: The whole truth about the Iraq war


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Against the War

UWAgainsttheWarAntiwar protest, San Francisco, Martin Luther King day 2003.

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Antiwar Resolution

University of Washington

Student, Staff and Faculty Resolution

(prepared by Jelte Harnmeijer, Nicolas Pinel and Tarek Maassarani)

A Statement Regarding the Threat of War on Iraq

WHEREAS no link whatsoever has been proven between the horrific terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 and the government of Iraq, and;

WHEREAS the Bush administration has failed to present a clear and coherent case to the American public and the International Community for the need to intervene militarily in Iraq, and;

WHEREAS many experts, including former United Nations Chief Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter and CIA Director George Tenet, have disputed the President’s contention that Iraq poses an immediate and veritable threat to the United States, and;

WHEREAS diplomatic solutions for deterrence of proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq have not been exhausted, and the International Community has expressed reservations about the need for a military attack, and;

WHEREAS a war with Iraq may exacerbate the resentment in the Middle East and elsewhere towards the United States’ Government and it’s peoples, increasing the probability of attacks by radical vengeful groups on American citizens at home and abroad, and;

WHEREAS a rigorous weapons inspections regime serves the interests of US national security better than pre-emptive strikes, and;

WHEREAS unilateral, pre-emptive strikes against a sovereign nation justified in the name of national security or otherwise will severely hamper efforts at attaining world peace, and;

WHEREAS a war with Iraq would jeopardize the lives of American soldiers as well as innocent Iraqi civilians, who have already suffered enormously under the current Iraqi regime, United Nations sanctions[1], and US/UK bombings, and;

WHEREAS the United States in its condition of global superpower should act justly and responsibly under the highest moral standards, maintain international and domestic policies marked by consistent integrity, and strive to set an example of peaceful coexistence, and;

WHEREAS military spending in the United States has reached unparalleled dimensions, with up to 300 billion tax-payer dollars projected for the 2003 fiscal year[2], while the current economic crisis has raised unemployment and forced budget reductions in social and educational programs nationwide – leading, for instance, to continued tuition increases at UW.

University of Washington Against the War (UWAW). January 27th, 2003.

(1) According to UNICEF estimates, UN economic sanctions have caused the death of over 500,000 Iraqi children between 1991 and 1999.
(2) Reuters reported that some Congressional budget estimates predict that a war on Iraq could cost $200 billion. (Reuters October 1, 2002)


THAT THE COMMUNITY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON calls for the Government of the United States to work with the International Community, and within the framework of International Law, towards resolving peacefully the current conflict with Iraq, and;

THAT THE COMMUNITY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON demands that the US Government prioritizes the domestic social and economic problems, and makes judicious and socially minded decisions about budgetary allocations, and;

THAT THE COMMUNITY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON urges the US Government to adopt and uphold a policy of peace – rather than preemptive military action – in foreign policy planning and implementation.

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