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An Ecological View of History: Japanese Civilization in the World Context

Tadao Umesao (1957)

 tadaoumesao_ecologicalviewofhistory No good. If only it lived up to its title …

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Political Order and Political Decay

Francis Fukuyama (2014)

francisfukuyaja_politicalorderandpoliticaldecay To all y’all Wes-Coas homies who tuned me I’d nevah pull off dah Opus let me herewith undiss mahself cause here it iz ya know its true that I got thru.

Respec, y’all.  Respec.

And a Big One goes out to mah main man Fukuyama.  You the man for pullin’ this togetha man, dat some mad Eas-Coas politico-economic skillz mah man.

Peace out.

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And the Weak Suffer What They Must?

Yanis Varoufakis (2016)

YanisVaroufakis_AndTheWeakSufferWhatTheyMust At times haughty and generally poorly structured, with confusing achronological interludes.  That’s the bad stuff out of the way.  On balance, still a highly worthwhile read, in particular the last two chapters, ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Europe’s Crisis, America’s Future’.  Also a must-read for anyone that seriously wants to take an informed position in the Brexit debate, rather than just follow the dogma – ‘progressive Brexin’ and ‘populist Brexit’ alike!

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Man and the Natural World: Changing attitudes in England 1500–1800

Keith Thomas (1983)

KeithThomas_ManAndTheNaturalWorld _

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Inventing the Individual

Larry Siedentop (2014)

LarrySiedentop_InventingTheIndividual Siedentop seeks to place Christianity firmly in the historical driving seat towards Western individualism.

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Owning the Earth

Andro Linklater (2013)

AndroLinklater_OwningTheEarth _

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The Black Swan

Nassim Nicholas Taleb (2007)

Taleb_TheBlackSwan _

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Common Sense and The Rights of Man

Thomas Paine (1774)

ThomasPaine_CommonSense An enjoyable rant against British royalty.

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The Kaiser’s Holocaust

David Olusoga and Casper W Erichsen (2010)


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Ishi in Two Worlds

Theodora Kroeber (1961)


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