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Life is

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The road ahead

Said Odysseus to his wife: “We have still not reached the end of our trials. One more labor lies in store—boundless, laden with danger, great and long, and I must brave it out from start to finish.”

(Thanks be to Liz Harnmeijer)

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Doctoral Dissertation

“Gehe nur an ihm zu Grunde — ich weiss keinen besseren Lebenszweck als am Grossen und Unmöglichen, animae magnae prodigus, zu Grunde zu gehen.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche (1874), Vom Nutzen und Nachtheil
der Historie für das Leben.


Squeezing Blood from a Stone:

Inferences into the Life and Depositional Environments

of the Early Archaean » Continue reading “Doctoral Dissertation”

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