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Inequality & Growth

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Inferences into the Life & Depositional Environments of the Early Archaean

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The Standard Model

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Currently Known Global Distribution of Hydrothermal Vent Fields

Van Dover, C.L. (2011), ‘Tighten regulations on deep-sea mining’, Nature, 470, p. 33.

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A Handful of Sand on one Beach

Kepler Search Space:

Kepler Find Space:










See also: NAOJ’s Four-dimensional digital Universe project,

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Life is

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Island of stability, unexplored, in sight

Y. T. Oganessian et al. (2010), Physical Review Letters, 104, 142502.

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Climate Change – our present state of understanding

Global Climate Destabilization

Lecture at Humboldt State University, 06 April MMX

Discussion at Waldron Island, 07 July MMX

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The road ahead

Said Odysseus to his wife: “We have still not reached the end of our trials. One more labor lies in store—boundless, laden with danger, great and long, and I must brave it out from start to finish.”

(Thanks be to Liz Harnmeijer)

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Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox

John S. Bell (1964) – On the Einstein Podolsky Rosen paradox

Alexander Afriat & Franco Selleri (1999) – the Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen paradox

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