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Collapsing Fisheries

“Today each and every river and waterside of our realm, large and small, yields nothing due to the evil of the fishers and the devices of [their] contriving, and because the fish are prevented by them from growing to their proper condition, nor have the fish any value when caught by them, nor are they any good for human consumption, but rather bad, and further it happens that they are much more costly than they used to be, which results in no moderate loss to the rich and poor of our realm.” – King Philip IV of France (1289).

Relative biomass estimates from the beginning of industrialized fishing:


{Myers, R.A., Worm, B. (2003), 'Rapid worldwide depletion of predatory fish communities', Nature 423, p. 280-283}

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Loser: Dodo comma The


The Dodo: How did the Dutch do it?

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Winner: Vampire squid comma The

This fellow should be doing just fine with the expansion of our Oxygen Minimum Zones (OMZ’s).

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