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Post-War Industrialization despite or through Asymmetric Development?

Europe Supported by Africa and America, William Blake (woodcutting, 1796)

'Europe Supported by Africa and America', William Blake (woodcutting, 1796)

1. Introduction

Presented with a choice, an overwhelming majority of the ~6.5 billion humans alive today would opt to reside in relative comfort amongst the industrialized minority. For evidence of this, one need look no further than the migratory fluxes ‘braindraining’ the ‘developing world’ and the considerable risk to which an ever-increasing number of people knowingly expose themselves in a concerted effort to gain a foothold in ‘the developed world’. In this essay, I wish to briefly propose that there exist theoretical – as opposed to historical – grounds for the seemingly stable patterns of sharp discontinuity that so persistently pervade the distribution of global wealth.

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