The Outlaw Ocean: Journeys Across the Last Untamed Frontier

Ian Urbina (2019)

Great book. Everyone should read it!

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The Light That Failed: Why the West Is Losing the Fight for Democracy

Stephen Holmes & Ivan Krastev (2020)

One the most rigorous and coherent cases for why & how the current anti-liberal backlash started and endures.  Quite repetitive but worth it.

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The Square and the Tower

Niall Ferguson (2017)

Something of a review of major networks in recent history, attempted through the lens of network theory.

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Francis Fukuyama (2019)

Velly velly intellestin.

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Bill McKibben (2019)

There exists a school of thought, out there, that takes the view that everything is basically going great on our 21st Century planet Earth. I’m thinking of the likes of Ray Kurzweill (The Age of Spiritual Machines; The Singularity is Near), Steven Pinker, and a slew of economists of the mainstream bent. Their works are awash in reassuringly upward curving graphs covering everything from average global income through the processing speeds of a square inch of microprocessor.  (David Hume: farmer shows up every sunrise with chicken food, but one day, he shows up with an axe.  Past performance is no guarantee for future performance).  To all this inductive hogwash Bill McKibben need a badly needed reality check.  We should consider seriously the possibility that many of our short-term (geologically speaking) gains have been made at the cost of the future.

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The Emperor

Ryszard Kapuściński (1978)

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Down to Earth

Bruno Latour (2018)

I recommend reading this in conjunction with Mao’s essay, ‘On Contradiction’.

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One River

Wade Davis (1996)

Mesmerizing, but also shocking for its utter disregard of the responsibility ethnobotanists have for having ‘globalised’ indigenous cultures & plants.

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The Courage of Hopelessness

Slavoj Zizek (2017)

The first book of Zizek’s that I was able to grasp, and read end-to-end.  Loved it.  Hope to read all his major works now.

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On Tyranny

Timothy Snyder (2017)

 A citizens guide to the Post-Truth era.

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